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Metering Services


You don't have to renew the lease on your postage meter. You have an alternative. Automated Presort Services offers mail metering. Instead of paying for your lease, let us meter your mail:

…instead of paying those leasing costs. …instead of the hassles filling the meter. …instead of finding the correct rates.

You will see us every day. Give us your unstamped mail to meter, and we’ll simply bill you, for the postage plus a small surcharge for picking up, metering your mail. What could be simpler?

Presort Services


 Our Multiline Optical Character Reader (MLOCR) sorts with rapid speed, bar-coding mail pieces in seconds. Bar-coded mail pieces permits your mail to jump ahead of full retail postage and cuts delivery time in half. Automated Presort Services will sort and barcode your mail pieces daily, with same day processing your mail is submitted nightly to the USPS Business Mail Entry Unit. Our professional mail couriers will pick up your mail daily. Making APS one of the most affordable mailing services in Tucson.

EDDM-Every Door Direct Mailing


 Want to get your postcard delivered to every door in one or several specific neighborhoods? EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail, is a smart way to promote your business, product, service or event to the households and businesses in an entire neighborhood. Whether you are a restaurant that wants to share delivery menus with customers or a local business promoting a grand opening or special offer, EDDM postcard printing allows you to get your printed piece right into the hands. Our Team at Automated Presort Services are EDDM Specialists and have helped hundreds of Tucson Businesses increase walk-ins, phone calls and revenue using EDDM. We understand better than anyone the regulations, sizing requirements the fastest way to get your marketing message out the door with our quality guaranteed checklist. The Post Office will ship a minimum of 200 and up to 5,000 mailpieces in a given Zip Code in a day. That means you can reach anywhere from 200 to 5,000 homeowners that you don’t have contact information for! That is a pretty huge reach without having any of the information that you normally need to send direct mail. 

Print without the Headache



With our print management services, you don't have to worry about issues with interrupting workflow, running out of toner, or jamming machines. Whenever you need everyday printing support, we’re there for you.

Imagine how it will be like when we manage your printing...

Instead of malfunctioning or failing to print when you’re trying to prep for a meeting you can send us your art file and mailing list. We will print, cut, fold, staple, score as well as, insert in an envelope, then presort and deliver to the post office for mailing to your customers, or we can deliver/ship directly to you. You may call us anytime and we will design your everything...

  •  Technical Expertise

We have the equipment and the professionals to make your printing a breeze

  •  Variable Data Printing

If you are worried that automated service will make your mail less personal, then you need to know about variable data. Every letter and envelope can be personalized with handwritten text and directed to each person on your mailing list.

  •  Inventory Management

Print Large quantities of the item you use most, like envelopes. We can store them here and contact you when you need to order more.

 APS is a full-service provider of printing and mailing services, specializing in the design, production and delivery of high quality, regulatory compliant customer documents. Whether you print and mail millions or thousands of monthly billing statements, invoices, letters or digital color mailers, APS can custom tailor a print management solution to meet your needs. 


  • Annual Reports
  • Marketing Materials
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mailers
  • Pocket Folders
  • Books
  • Invitations
  • Newsletters
  • Posters
  • Envelopes
  • Catalogs
  • Publications 

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